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Cancellation Policy – There is a 24 hour cancelation requirement. Non-emergency cancellations, last minute cancellations, and "no shows" will forfeit the lesson and the lesson will be considered paid for in full.  No make up lessons or rescheduling will be allowed.

Lessons cancelled 24 hours before will be made up within a 2 week period, or when the trainer has availability. In the event that a lesson is cancelled due to bad weather, these will not count towards a lesson package. This will then add an additional lesson to the package to make up for the missed session. Emergencies will be considered.


Payment – Lessons will be paid in full prior to riding. This can be done by purchasing a single lesson or by purchasing a subscription package. We also accept Paypal and square payments. Students who have paid late have 3 strikes before being removed from the program. 


Safety – It is the responsibility of the student to be safe at all times. Horses are living beings with minds of their own and they shall be treated as such. If a student is deemed unsafe, to themselves, others, or the horse they will be given a warning if reasonably safe to do so. It is at the discretion of the horse trainer/owners/or any other employee to remove a student who is deemed unsafe from the horse and end the lesson immediately with no refund. This can include but not limited to:

Improperly pulling on the horse’s mouth

Not listening to instruction or safety warnings given

Improper care of the horse

Being disrespectful to ANY animal/Employee/Students on Schwartz Family Farm LLC property

If any student and/or parent is deemed unsafe, unkind, or abusive in any way it is at the discretion of the trainer to eliminate the student from the lesson program and no refund will be given.

Things to know before your first lesson:

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