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Our Crew

Online Sports Store Professionals


Tori Schwartz

Tori was first placed on a horse at only 2 years old and immediately fell in love. It quickly became a life long passion for her. Tori has spent the last 20 years showing in the hunters, jumpers, and equitation. She has experience in the A rated circuit as well as the local schooling shows. As an adult Tori started riding professionally for a local cutting barn as well as catch riding horses on the hunter jumper circuit on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. She then moved to Southern California and spent several years as a working student under dressage and hunter jumper trainers. In her free time she also gave riding lessons. Upon moving home to Arizona, she decided to apply her knowledge to young horses and horses needing tune ups and it was there that she found her niche. Her calmness, patience, and consistency brought along horses that were totally blank slates all the way to horses that were hot and nervous. Tori rides with an open mind and puts the safety of both horse and rider first. She constantly stays aware of the horse and what they may be communicating to us while working at finding what communication style is best for each individual horse.   Tori firmly believes horses are total athletes and should be treated as such if we expect them to give us their all. Between her in-depth care and easy going training, Tori has produced some pretty happy and confident horses. Tori hit the ground running immediately after moving to South Dakota and has already built a strong group of clientele. Shes excited to bring the english community of Sioux Falls what they are looking for. Stay tuned for future horse shows, clinics, and camps!

Vic Boutch

Vic started working at SFF back in February 2022 and is our part time Care Manager. We would be absolutely lost without her incredible organization, thoroughness, and can do attitude. Vic has an amazing partnership with SFF's Croquette and plans on debuting in the meters this coming summer!


Nicole Robinson

Nicole got her start in the hunter jumpers at the age of 5. It wasn't until the need to rehab her horse from an injury at 18 that she found dressage and fell in love with the precision and deepened understanding of the horse and rider relationship within the classical training of the sport. Today Nicole strives to teach her students how to better understand the horse and rider relationship through harmony and connection. Improving horse and rider relationships for any direction, or goal they wish to pursue. 

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