About Our Lessons

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Why Schwartz Family Farm? Because we believe riding horses is a lot more than showing up, getting on your horse, riding for an hour, and leaving. There is a whole other realm of horsemanship that we teach. You'll be catching your horse, using proper handling techniques, grooming, tacking them up, riding, untacking, preforming the after care of your tack and horse, and making sure your horse is put away properly.  Sounds like a lot for one lesson, right? Well it is! but we spend the time going over all the details with you to make sure you gain the independence and knowledge for your future with horses. We whole heartedly believe that riding and handling horses give us confidence that carries on to all aspects of our life.  With horses comes a lot of discipline, responsibility, and courage. 

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Whether you are a weekend warrior or a horse show addict (it's okay we are too), we welcome you with open arms to join the SFF family and grow with us! We don't do negativity here. We always make it a point to encourage and support each other as we learn.